It’s time for anime Snoop Dogg to smoke weed every day again, in kill la kill fashion.
This parody of opening was 100% recreated and boy was this a hard project

I really don’t know where to start with this one. since Smoku Smoki i’ve been trying to figure out how to 1-up myself and this monster of a video slowly came to fruition. with months of planning, a lot of help, and delays, this video is finally done. Every little part of this video was a challenge and i’m just so happy its finally done, I really hope you like it, it took a lot out of me, physically, mentally, and a bit in the wallet.

Love you folks, thanks for stickin with me throughout the years, sorry about the watermark but I was tired of freebooters trying to profit from my work

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Reproduced by: MowtenDoo
Editing: MowtenDoo
Lead Animator: Gretchen Ramos Labougle
Secondary Animation: Gutsybird, MowtenDoo
Audio: MatrixMariox, MowtenDoo
Stills: Rare-Steak, Gutsybird

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Gretchen Ramos Labougle




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