18+ WEED IN THE WARDROBE: EPISODE #1 Sticky Beast Automatic Day 7. Top Shelf Grower returns with series 3 Weed In The Wardrobe. This one is for the micro-growers, cabinet growers, ordinary decent home growers and those contemplating weed cultivation in 2018. If you want to learn how to grow amazing Autoflowering weed from seed to stash? This is the series for you. Whether you’re a beginner grower or a veteran cultivator you’ll be surprised by the potential of Sticky Beast Automatic (OG Kush X Bubblegum X Critical+ Automatic). I know I was.

With a simple old school grow kit that cost €300 to put together I’ll be documenting step by step how to grow great marijuana efficiently in a small grow space. This is how to turn a wardrobe into a high-performance grow-op. The action commences at day 7 and the Sticky Beast Auto seedlings are off to a great start. Its not difficult to get growing and I talk you through the tools you need and my simple weed in the wardrobe set up. Check out the link below for a video on the Paper Towel germination method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX6slvnJ7G4

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Comments (6)

  • Great to be back. Hope you all enjoy this new series.

  • Looking forward to watching rest of the series mate ! Feel free to check my Blueberry x haze out on my channel just starting up . keep it green yo

  • bom cultivo..

  • How many grams do you smoke on an average day?

  • Missed you

  • Thank you for this! Definately a newbie here so it's inspiring. Who needs to hang their clothes in a closet when you can grow some dank in there?


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