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[ad_1] This is the great brightly colored Set of 6  SMOKE SHOP  mini stickers, perfect for helmets, skateboards, laptops, lockers, skis etc.
Each of our helmet sticker packs usually contain between 5 and 7 stickers. The average size 1 x 3 U.V. and moisture protected vinyl stickers. 3-4 year continual outdoor exposure.

Will not fade, crack or peel. Perfect for helmets, bikes, snowboards, water craft, laptops and lockers.Merchandisers: These mini stickers come in a clear, protective bags with a hang tag.Our stickers are printed on at least 3.5mm vinyl, using only professional grade material.

The vinyl is UV and moisture protected for 2-3 years. Made also with eco solvent ink that will also last 2-3 years outdoors continual outdoor exposure.

Applying our stickers:Some of you may be used to the thick ‘crack and peel’ stickers’. In the vehicle graphic business the thinner the vinyl the better quality. Ours are thinner and better quality than ‘crack and peel’ . But because of that a little more care is needed to apply them.

IMPORTANT: Do not apply in very hot weather. Do not apply to a hot surface. Wait till it cools or apply indoors. The reason is that the vinyl stretches when its really hot.

First clean the surface with water, making sure to remove any dirt. Peel off the paper backing. Align the sticker where you want it and place it on the vehicle. Work it from the center out with your thumbs or even use a credit card in a squeegee style.

If you get any bubbles don’t be too concerned. it’s just trapped air and will go down naturally over the next day or so (as the vinyl breathes). If it really bugs you and you don’t want to wait, simply prick any bubbles with a sharp pin.

Extra tip:A handy tip that you can use is to get a spray bottle of water and soak the area the sticker is going onto first. Then place the sticker on and squeegee the water out from behind the sticker with your thumbs (or a credit card used as a squeegee). That way you get no bubbles.

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