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We’d like to introduce our new Loyalty Program, which not only saves you money on every purchase, but you can also earn directly, for example if you recommend our store to your friends who might be interested. Moreover, you can collect reward point and then use them for direct purchase in our store. More about this amazing future later.

We have prepared a lot of rewards for you to make shopping on our e-shop real fun.

We do not operate our business because of money, but because of our love for the amazing plant which cannabis is. We want you to enjoy the time spent on our website and have a lot of fun.

We therefore try to publish not only interesting articles and brings new and interesting products to our store, but we have also introduced an amazing feature of user-sharing stories.

Every week we also publish some interesting and fun polls and quizzes from the world of cannabis.

And now we brings you our biggest news and reward to you, dear canna lovers.

We have just launched our new Loyalty Program, where we´re giving you an incredible amount of points for lots of events you can do on our site, such as shopping in our e-store or recommending our websites to your friends.

You can use each such point as a discount on your purchase, you can buy product directly using reward points or you can ask for cash back and your saved money will be instantly paid to your account.

How to join the program?

Just create an account on our website and automatically become a member of our loaylty program.

Join the program now!

And now let’s look at how our loaylty programs work and what rewards are waiting for you.

Loyalty Program Rules for

Who can participate in the program?

Anyone who creates an account on our site automatically becomes a member of the loaylty program and is eligible for the reward earned through this membership.

How do I become a member of the Loaylty Program?

Just buy any product in our e-shop or sign up at our site and automatically become a member of loyallty program.

Will be there some commitments from my membership in this program?

Not, just benefits.

How do I get benefits from the Loaylty Program of

Thanks to our membership in our Loaylty Program, you will get a certain amount of points with any purchase or action on our site that you can use as a discount coupon when purchasing in our e-store, purchase product directly with your reward points or you can use them as a cashback and you will be paid by cash to your paypal account.

Can I earn money directly from the Loaylty Program?

Yes! Thanks to membership in the program, you can start earning money directly. There is no need to shop in our store to earn points that you can exchange for money or use for buying products. You get points for other events on our site, such as creating an account or inviting a friend to our site.

How specifically do Reward points work and how much do I get for each of them?

Account Sign up Reward Points – 20 points
Product Review Reward Points – 10 points
Blog Post Comment Reward Points – 5 points
Blog Post Creation Reward Points – 30 points
Referral Reward Points for Account Signup – 20 points
Reward Points for Getting Referred – 10 points

After you do some of the above mentioned actions, you will be rewarded in form of points.

What can I do with Reward points?

You can do 3 really cool things with your reward points:

  • you can use them as a percentage (%) discount during checkout process
  • you can purchase product directly using reward points
  • you can ask for cashback and you will be paid directly to your paypal account

What is the Earning Points Conversion Settings?

1 point = 1 $

For example, if you purchase a Vaporizer for $ 55, you get an instant reward of 55 points.

What is Redeeming Points Conversion Settings?

1 point = 0,1 $

For example, if you purchase a Vaporizer for $ 55, you get an instant reward of 55 points, what means $ 5.5, which you can save on subsequent purchases. Or, you can ask for cashback and we will pay you money to your paypal account.

When can I apply for a cashback?

Once you have reached balance 500 points, you can request a cashback.

What is Redeeming Points Conversion Settings for Cashback

1 point = 0,1 $

That means if you accumulate 500 points on your account, you can ask for cashback. 500 reward poins means 50$ which will be directly paid to your paypal account.

What is the minimum number of points that I can use as a discount on my purchase?

The minimum and maximum points you can use when shopping are not limited.

What is the discount I get when using points?

You get a $ 0.1 discount for each 10 points used. So if you have 50 points on your account and you buy $ 100 worth of products on our eshop and you will use all 50 points, you will receive a $ 5 discount for this purchase.

What is the maximum number of points that a user can hold?

The maximum number of points per user is 10,000 points.

Have points some due date?

The points on your account have not due date, they will stay there forever. Until you use them, switch them for cash or delete your account.

How do I determine the status of the points in my account?

Be sure to sign in to our site in your account, or check your total score on the cashier’s site when buying in the eshop.

How do I invite friends to your site to earn points?

Just log in to your account at, generate your affiliate link and share it with your friends for example on social networks.

Can I lose reward points on my account?

Yes. But only if we find a serious breach of the conditions for obtaining points or using our site. In this extreme case, we reserve the right to remove points from your account. Before final decesion, we will always contact you.

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