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Using Weed to Save Football: Chasing Strains (Part 1)

In this 3-part series, Kyle Turley takes us on his journey to to deal with the damaging effects of football through the use of marijuana. After an NFL career that saw him take home NFL All-Pro honors, Kyle was diagnosed with pre-CTE. After taking a laundry list of pharmaceutical drugs in order to deal with the associated issues, Kyle found marijuana to be the best available treatment for the problems that he was facing. In this episode, we meet Kyle and see the beginning of his journey.​

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The Meaning Of Life From A Student Point Of View

The Meaning Of Life From A Student Point Of View

University! Now there´s an institution! I constantly stated that if each person could model a society based totally on university values they may be counted me in. This would mean that the great majority of the population want no longer paintings very tough, could now not receives a commission very much however might be fed regularly and allowed to spend half their time in bars shopping for up as plenty 1/2 rate beer as could be imbibed in a night time.

Cannabis and different hallucinatory aids could be felony and freely available as optionally available extras for those with more creative dispositions, even as the idea of any constant moral wellknown could be given up in favour of “a touch bit of what you fancy does you excellent!” And if whatever took place to threaten this idyll of perfection, these uni-residents, guardians of global expertise, could be flawlessly inside their rights to soak up banners and march in protest. The countrywide anthem would ought to be something by way of Motorhead.

What am I announcing here? I´m coming down I bet in favour of a extra romantic view of life, extra “nurtured-by-love” than “pushed-through-greed”. There are serious differences between the two, the one filling our hearts with warm temperature and protection, the other risky and all-consuming, even though no human beings can agree that’s which. in my view, I couldn’t consider my success.


The primary day at Badock corridor turned into like Nirvana, a spirit life of pure ecstasy. Out of four hundred peculiar college students, over half have been single available females. It turned into the right opportunity for a chunk of grasping love-nurturing.

I used to be so satisfied I couldn´t help however chortle as I unpacked my bags in one of the 4 hundred unmarried bedroom units that have been allotted to me overlooking sloping open green gardens and fertile bushes. The room turned into tiny, just huge sufficient to incorporate a unmarried mattress and a desk, but it become all I wished. I chuckled because I´d got my vehicle. There it changed into within the vehicle park, my slightly dented yet proud maroon Marina with its vinyl returned seat polished and ready.

Unlike college there had been no feelings of being inside the incorrect time region at Bristol. Everything in truth was current and liberal and truthful. The mindset of the lecturers surprised us after the near interest we had obtained at college, for the reason that they surely paid us no regard at all. They said their bit, at lectures and tutorials, possibly two or 3 instances a week, then left us to it. It turned into as much as us.

The morning after the fresher’s birthday celebration I stayed in bed until twelve, then panicked after I found out I had neglected a lecture. But then I remembered this become now not Trollope´s. here, nothing happened, no person noticed if you went missing, so I went back to mattress. It became very honest. We had been given access to the first-rate education, the fine brains, and it was as much as us whether we positioned it to top use or no longer.


Fresher’s Week turned into a threat to fulfill veteran college students and be a part of the numerous clubs and societies that they had dreamed up in a moment of idleness, an bizarre assortment of activities and time-consuming drivel that during my thoughts did now not healthy up to even ten minutes with Rita the Stripper, and now not till it become over should we follow ourselves to the more serious commercial enterprise of mastering.

In among lectures and tutorials, which in total took up approximately twelve hours a week, our time changed into our very own, which sounded tremendous, however the significance of self-discipline soon became apparent.

Maximum lunch instances i discovered myself in the large refectory, in which you could get a first rate meal for under a pound. It become next to the Wills Memorial constructing, the focal point of the university, a huge, neo-Gothic structure at the pinnacle of Park road which looked like a cathedral and built with the aid of the wealthy Wills family, tobacco magnates, at the start of the century.

Students would scamper up and down the massive stairway in the lobby all day long, going to and from lectures, but notwithstanding the crowds i discovered myself on my own lots inside the early days, on the grounds that anybody had lectures at exceptional times and in specific homes around the town.


Early on I bumped into my brother Mario and some of his friends from the regulation department. He become in the 0.33 12 months and approximately to graduate. It became obvious that for the first time in his life he felt advanced to me. Oxford had slipped even though my hands and i used to be a unhappy rookie at his old uni.

He changed into k with me, passing the unusual comment, but it was clear he had no aim of together with me in his circle, which became excellent through me. I desired the freedom to explore and changed into satisfied not to have my large brother and his buddies breathing down my neck.

The auto made me famous right away. At the end of every day there could be four or 5 fellow lengthy-haired Badockians casually milling about the automobile park hoping to scrounge a lift. I didn´t mind because it changed into precise business enterprise. After a while, I commenced charging ten pence each manner so that my first beer every night time became paid for.

The quality time to satisfy humans was within the early evening inside the bar, just after dinner. Badock corridor bar had a pool desk, billiards, darts and a limitless stock of cheap beer. Maximum nights we’d take a seat around with our ft up on low spherical tables awaiting something to occur. There has been continually music in the heritage, the Police, or the Pretenders, or Blondie, artists making waves at that time, and soon a small group fashioned round me.

First it might be simply or three folks then, if it appeared like we were having a very good time, others would join in. It turned into common every so often for fifteen or twenty idle mop-heads to be sitting around in a big circle each making their own semi-articulate contribution to anything applicable and important discussion changed into occurring.

We thought it became our obligation to exchange the sector and make it a higher place. That changed into the message we inherited from the 60s, that scholars could make a difference. but we usually had that one component on our minds which were given within the way. One night Gerry, the biochemist from Northern ireland with an explosive orange art Garfunkel hairdo, placed it succinctly in neurological terms: “It´s jost anutter biochemical fonction,” he was announcing in his attractive Belfast lilt, and some greater stopped to listen.

“Tere´s nutting else to it. As elements of t´body are stimulated indicators are sent via metabolic processes to t´reticular formation at t´mind stem and tis is activated, so that you have t´sensation of pleasure. Occasionally t´procedure resolts in a scarcity of oxygen and excessive pumping of t´blood spherical t´body, that’s why you get warm and bottered all through intercourse.

It´s all connected to t´hypot´alamus you understand. Tat bugger is liable for all kinds. Like so many things about our bodies, it has its personal memory and is t´erefore addiction forming, so it´s smooth to end up hooked on intercourse.”


A short cheer went up on the ultimate bit. We had been already individuals of that unique membership. i used to be inspired through Gerry´s grasp of neurology however determined to have him a protracted manner far from me the subsequent time i used to be attempting to pull.

Once i was introduced to a fellow Greek Cypriot by means of someone who idea he become doing me a favour but i found him too meticulous, too strait-laced, a future financial institution supervisor if ever I saw one, and after one or meetings I did my first-class to avoid him. As an alternative I spent more and more time with a tall, hook-nosed geezer from London, from the East cease. He appeared like he´d been to three Millwall games and pop out on top.

His call changed into Chukka, six foot four if he become an inch, with palms like an orangutan, lengthy and dangling, casually carving out brilliant arcs of air as he walked. He constantly had a twinkle in his eye and a joint placing from the aspect of his smiling mouth. by means of the middle of the second term he had met and fallen in love with a dwarfish truthful-haired girl with a pretty face referred to as Linda, who changed into always in sexy leathers or denims like Suzi Quattro.

Like Chukka she become trustworthy and had no airs or graces, and they have been a fun couple to understand. With the difference in height there has been about toes of empty air between them but it didn´t stop them from being for all time glued on the mouth, he doubled right down to her and she up on tippy toes, like more than one love-unwell college kids.

Our social lives were a curious aggregate of on the only hand sitting around trying to sound smart and on the other behaving like brute beasts, the 2 contradictory impulses which governed our behaviour.

A few human beings got here down extra on the facet of one than the alternative, like my neighbour Sheridan who turned into a natural geek and by no means seemed to depart his room but spent the complete time studying, fixated on the mating practices of the Lesser spotted Eagle or a few such inanity, at the same time as listening to inoffensive tunes by Steely Dan, whilst others didn´t study a jot for the entire of the primary term and instead committed their energies to examining the boundaries in their staying power to party.


I urged the center route, drawn to the kind of individuals who aimed for the pleasant of both worlds. I met people who refused to be pigeon-holed or type-solid, lifestyles´s proper characters.

The human beings I teamed up with at uni i might never forget about: Chukka (who was really Charles) got his nickname from the volumes he vomited after an awesome night out but deliberate to get a first in Chemistry; Gerry, a top notch biologist who in a destiny lifestyles noticed himself handcuffed to the bird twine at Greenham common protesting against nuclear guns or buried in a few swamp in the route of oncoming bulldozers to halt the building of a flyover; and little Linda, whose pretty, petite posterior gave us all pause for concept each time she air-guitared to rock anthems, however turned into one day going to be a researcher in a cancer unit, doing outstanding paintings for youngsters. Those were unpredictable humans with worth futures.

We may want to speak about something with out worry of criticism or attack. It struck me as a truthful and optimistic manner of organizing things that humans of the identical age and with the equal hobbies will be advocated to stay together and share common dialogue, no matter religious or political obstacles and without fear of persecution. It bore similarities to historical Greek symposia which produced the highbrow fruit of fifth century Athens. That it was financed by the state made it noble.

Regardless of our high blown aspirations, the small communicate in the first few weeks targeted around what courses each person was taking, the societies all and sundry had joined and the amount of work every body became getting which numerous from department to branch, in others phrases common scholar trivialities which quickly got uninteresting and drove some of us out of the residence hall altogether and into metropolis to mix with the civies.


On the town we might drink among pleasant Bristolians, tough working individuals who weren´t seeking to restore the sector however simply doing regular jobs for minimal pay, watching football on the weekends and getting pissed at night time. Within the future, whilst my lifestyles become to end up extra complicated, i’d consider that easy commitment, typical of 1000 English cities, one million united kingdom neighbourhoods, and notice it as the ideal lifestyle.

However I involved that i would in no way suit in, never be everyday. Being brilliant became a curse, and many college students felt it, interested in the complicated, to the intangible, to the mysterious and unanswerable. I had continually been that way.

I nonetheless have a slip of paper with me written whilst i used to be about ten years antique after I wrote: “things to do earlier than i get antique: (A) find out if there is a God, (B) find out what occurs once we die, (C) examine the meaning of lifestyles.” With that type of baggage, what had been the possibilities of being able to have a terrific time alongside the manner?

All the bars, to survive, boasted cheap pupil nights all through the week with wild topics, uproarious events which simplest delinquents and the wicked could be crazy sufficient to wait.

One such event, and the most momentous, become the Vicars and muffins Ball. The terrific factor approximately being at Badock hall changed into that we got to look all the women at their first-rate before we went out, so we should plan our woman method nicely in advance.

They loved any excuse to get into their fishnets and parade in the front people within the bar. And a number of the boys had been even greater ingenious than the girls. we might pile into taxis looking like the forged of “The Rocky Horror show” the primary massive homosexual musical. Whenever we arrived inside the metropolis centre, it turned into as though we owned it.

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Marijuana at Home, in the Car, and the Workplace

Marijuana at Home, in the Car, and the Workplace

The motion for the complete legalization of marijuana continues to pass through several tiers, from absolute enforcement (Texas), to decriminalization (many states), to medical use handiest (California and others), to palms-off, do-what-you-want (newly installed in Colorado and Washington.) We understand from long revel in how poorly things flip out every time the government steps in and prohibits whatever that changes the mood, delight, or sobriety of its citizens.

When evaluating the societal effect of marijuana versus other stimulants, a not unusual question arises: “would you rather stay round the corner to 100 pot people who smoke or one meth consumer?” And all of us who resides adjacent to the marijuana aficionado is aware of why he’s constantly the quality preference.

Pot guy is stereotypically mellow and quiet, while Meth man is disruptive, agitated, paranoid, noisy, and invasive of different humans’s need for peace. Weed people nod off; tweaker humans maintain you from getting any. it’s difficult to get a few relaxation when your neighbor is running on his transmission or sawing steel pipes at 3:00 a.m., Lynyrd Skynyrd track blaring away.


As such, pro-marijuana reform agencies regularly communicate to the relative risks of alcohol, in terms of the overall fitness dangers and behavioral troubles, whilst as compared to their drug of desire. Alcohol is labeled by many medical experts as an entire-frame poison (a flavored one, but unfavorable however).

It influences every organ, beginning with the liver and brain, in addition to the kidneys, bladder, stomach, and pancreas. The accompanying malevolent behavioral problems tied to alcohol abuse are properly-referred to and catastrophic, starting from murder, suicide, and sexual attack to home violence, baby abuse, and random or targeted assaults on those who crossed the violent drinker’s path.

Heavy marijuana people who smoke without a doubt cannot forget about the affects on the human mind and frame, from depression or memory troubles, to lung harm to numerous styles of cancer. (inhaling carcinogenic smoke isn’t always the quality way to devour whatever, consequently the evolution toward dosing with marijuana-flavored foods, candy, sauces, and so on.)

When I teach my place of job violence prevention applications, we communicate approximately the medication that tend to be a disinhibitor for violence, with alcohol being primary. While human beings question me if marijuana customers can turn out to be violent, before i’m able to answer, a few wag in the crowd normally shouts, “not unless they run out!”


All of us snicker, we agree that marijuana isn’t a drug that is connected to violence, like booze and stimulants, and we flow on.

However whilst pro-pot human beings can take the excessive street (no pun intended) over their alcohol-the usage of opposite numbers when it comes to violence, or getting at the back of the wheel of a car loaded on both, the debate as to how a great deal is too much is simple to measure for one and no longer so for the alternative.

At the same time as the country wide widespread for using even as intoxicated is a blood alcohol degree of at least.08, there is no set popular for marijuana use and driving. that is the argument the seasoned-marijuana lobby has yet to master. How a lot THC-CCOH (a metabolite in cannabis) in a driving force is an excessive amount of – sufficient to motive impairment – or too little to make a difference?

A few medical studies are searching at what number of nanograms in line with milliliter of THC-CCOH in the driver’s urine could recommend a preferred for impairment, however so far this dimension is just too vague as it does not remember the person’s using capability.


Some drinkers can drive incredibly adequately even at a blood alcohol of.10 (although I honestly would not ever ride with them), whilst others might hit five parked automobiles after simplest one beer. Body weight, genetic background, tolerance, and drinking experience all play a element in how tons impairment is evident, as opposed to only how a whole lot is inside the blood.

Your antique Uncle Pete could have been capable of positioned down a quart of scotch a day and preserve his job, marriage, using record, and health intact for 50 years, however you are not your Uncle Pete.

But for the pot-the usage of driving force, what is the “Goldilocks trendy”: too little, too much, or simply right, in relation to THC-COOH? These days, the electricity of much of the marijuana grown interior, with constant warm lighting fixtures and lots of water, and the usage of new seeds and mixing strains, is eight to ten instances greater effective than the pot of twenty to thirty years ago.

One hit of smoke from this newer and more potent weed for some drivers could be sufficient to motive catatonia, hallucinogenic outcomes, reminiscence, imaginative and prescient, stability, motor capabilities, and coordination issues. other humans with numerous pot smoking revel in is probably capable of function pretty successfully (just like the longtime drinker who drives, however i am not still sitting in the passenger seat with the pot person both).


Keith Richards has ate up quite a few thrilling things in his lifestyles and he can nevertheless pay a median guitar after 50 years, however you aren’t Keith Richards.

And the way about the place of work and marijuana use? With their medical marijuana playing cards (MMC) in their hip wallet, a few employees in the ones states that trouble them believe they have a loose pass with regards to no longer passing drug checks for marijuana.

A number of these failed drug tests can also come during pre-employment displays, submit-twist of fate tests, random assessments, or exams primarily based on for-purpose or “affordable suspicion.”

“You cannot hearth me!” is going their defense, “i’ve a MMC and i told you i take advantage of marijuana medicinally.” Besides that the federal widespread is that marijuana continues to be an unlawful drug and as such, companies can and do put in force their 0-tolerance regulations for personnel using alcohol and illegal tablets in their facilities, or while running their machinery or vehicles, just the same as earlier than.

So until the clinical community comes up with a nationalized preferred for what the courts can accept as stage of marijuana impairment – underneath a sure stage on your urine is okay to get behind the wheel, above a certain stage makes you subject to arrest for being “under the influence of alcohol on drugs” – then the argument for and against using on Pot, Enthusiastically (DOPE) will continue.

And until the feds stop their part of the warfare on capsules that relates to marijuana use, sales, cultivation, distribution, ownership, growing, etc., then businesses will preserve to have the right to invite their personnel no longer to use pot at work or come to paintings high.

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