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Your Body On Weed

You may experience altered perception.

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Feeling’ It
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46 thoughts on “Your Body On Weed

  1. somebody tell this to Tana mongeau

  2. ……….why am i watching this i dont smoke weed.

  3. So what we smoke weeeeed.. So what we get druuunk.. We just having fuuuunn 🎶

  4. What if you smoke out of a piece, do you still get lung cancer

  5. Here for a good time not a long time

  6. Weed does not lower sperm count. It has recently been researched. Just to update you guys…. you're welcome

  7. hah, well looks like i wont have any children

  8. Please show me proof of ONE person who died from lung cancer from smoking marijuana…let me know I’ll be waiting

  9. i’m high watching this video and i’m finna report it 😂

  10. Thins sound better but it doesn’t affect vision

  11. watching this as I take some major bong rips

  12. Idk about that intense colors

  13. lol marijuana doesn't cause cancer … chutiya kaat raha sala

  14. My sperm count has never lowered. Me n my bm made all our babies high.

  15. Time actually goes by slow af and yes, music sounds louder and better 😂

  16. Watch this when high

  17. if u smoke it rarely is it bad?

  18. Just don't do drugs.

  19. New studies show that marijuana actually heals the lungs and helps with asthma thank you very much

  20. Snoop smokes 18 blunts a day pffft 1-3 joints

  21. Why does everything get louder and go slow motiooooooon

  22. I was watching this while hitting a bong and mom just ordered pizza and he called the delivery guy did so food and wooo

  23. Guy on thumbnail has herpe bump by his lip😷

  24. Everybody all high and happy and im paranoid trying not to die remembering to breath…no weed for me😂😂😂😂🖕🏾

  25. Everybody all high and happy and im paranoid trying not to die remembering to breath…no weed for me😂😂😂😂🖕🏾

  26. it helps with my anxiety

  27. Mary Jane cure lung cancer and many other cancers. Doesn't give them.

  28. Tobacco is way worse than weed. Tar increases the lung cancer and can easily kill you as of weed the only way you can die is if you smoke like 120 blunts at the same time

  29. i must have a really high chance of lung cancer

  30. "Music can sound better." So that's why Justin bieber thinks his music is good.😂

  31. weed is a beautiful thing ladies

  32. how is weed illegal if liquor is way worst than it

  33. I was surprised by the fact that it can cause lung cancer. Definitely gonna tone it down!

  34. "Your body on weed"

  35. I love getting high

  36. Okay weed is bad for you but healthier than alcohol,gas,cigarette,coke,LSD and Many Other Drugs ya know

  37. this explains everything

  38. who else watching while smoking a joint 🌿🚬

  39. It kills cancer cells lmao😂

  40. When I ate 5 edibles my heart was pumping so fucking hard I thought I was gonna die, I was hallucinating too

  41. So contact your physician or therapist is marijuana is right for youu, get it? Like the commercial

    Seriously I got straight A's my senior year after getting either A's or F's my entire school career so consider if you need it want it or not but do not right it off

  42. The sperm count caught me off guard

  43. 1:02 yet there has never been a single case of someone getting cancer from smoking

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