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Prince EA // @PrinceEa

Reggie Brown as Obama

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35 thoughts on “WHY WEED SHOULD BE LEGAL ft Barack Obama

  1. obama needs to see this

  2. idk if that is the real obama

  3. Yea but you see first of all im 13 second of all weed is a DRUG, it starts with one puff and then a sniff and then an enjection and then a sip and , next thing you know you're in your death bed

  4. I think they should legalize it and maybe Trump will legalize it and also fix the problem with pharmaceutical companies

  5. lol pot is smoked by famous people it must be good wait does bill gates smoke NOPE

  6. Amen🙌 God bless your soul brother!


  8. Love the message yo, only wish it could reach more people.

  9. Shut up with the drug that can make you psychotic which is crazy how you understand that he used that drug you will become a drug user and the police will arrest you so um why you wanna do drugs go to Jamaica some to do drugs

  10. Prince Ea run for president and I'm not joking

  11. Omg I really thought that was Obama

  12. Was that really Obama?

    Also awesome vid

  13. Yes this makes since but when people abuse to drug it makes all this hard to do because you have people who need it and people who abuse the drug

  14. Clearly he is Barack Obama, not clickbaiting with his name and an actor, making short scenes with him so people don't notice

  15. 100,000 people die from pharmaceuticals every year. Guess how many die from illegal drugs every year? 52,500 die from illegal drugs. That means more die from pharmaceuticals (the drugs we trust) than the drugs we make illegal every year.

  16. Very good video love it and so true 😊🌿🌿i sent this to bunch of people

  17. Did anyone else notice the drawing hand was white XD

  18. Legalize it or not I will never do it.

  19. That thing kill cancer 🙁

  20. Idk why. But this guy reminds me of the musical Hamilton.

  21. Prince Ea is probably on weed when he makes videos.

  22. Cuz he does. He does other things too

  23. Beer rules. Marijuana is for losers.MAGA

  24. Marijuana may not kill people but it has been proven to start illnesses. My dad suffers from schizophrenia bipolarism due to him smoking pot since he was a teen. Which led him to be an abusive parent, on which many cases has almost resulted in the death of both me and my sister. It has been proven on so many cases that this drug influences the start of schizophrenia. And that isn’t a myth.

  25. And still didn't legalize it. Just wanted attention. Bs President

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