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Thank for for watching guys!!!! It’s nice to just sit down and talk to yall like we’re homies. This experience was really prominent in my life and I wanted to share this crazy experience with you guys and just be open! And it feels nice!!! I hope you guys have a wonderful day/night and tell your parents you love them!!!!


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  1. I just quit smoking a week ago after smoking everyday for 2 years. It's hard because it's so easy to get does it get easier? This video describes how I feel perfectly but I'm a guy lol.

  2. Perhaps weed can be used like mushrooms. Instead of doing it everyday and get mildly high. Don't use weed for a couple of months and then make some edibles and REALLY get into the deep end, just like mushrooms would. That is the true power of cannabis.
    And concerning derealisation, perhaps that could be the truest form of reality you will ever experience. Let me explain: Soon (not putting a date on it, but it is inevitable) we will have digital artificial beings living in a computer generated enviroment, and those beings will think their world is as real as we think our world is. At that point, we can't be sure anymore if we actually are base reality, or just another being inside of a generated enviroment. There can be infinite created realities, but only 1 base reality, the chance that we are base, is obviously smaller.

  3. Cannabis is what brought you closer to your parents and brought you around to the realization of your cruelty towards them. Cannabis is introspective and allows users to do personal inventories of their behaviors.

  4. That was my first time having a panic attack from weed. So similar to my experience. I had bad anxiety before so I should have knew better lol. I went outside before I took a hit and gradually I started panicking. Sweating, everything speeded up, I felt like cars were going by so fast. Even people walking by me it felt like they were speed walking. My heart rate shot up so fast. I was too far gone to walk back home so I got to the shops and just hid behind the alley way and tried to calm down. I was there for like a hour before my heart rate started calming down. I honestly looked like I ran a marathon with the amount of sweat I had from that attck. Never again

  5. Have a kid then you’re gonna wanna smoke again and drink like 3 cups of coffee a day 😂😂😂

  6. no one owns a tapestry like that and doesn't smoke weed. fake news.

  7. Okay so basically I learned that I've had panic attacks before and I didn't kno I had them

  8. Well ayy it all worked out for the better(: only if there woulda been water in your bong haha

  9. happened to me already 3 times and i still didnt stop smoking weed… But everytime i got it i felt like i got some kind of a new point of view on life. BTW everytime it was from a wather bong 🙂 so no more bongs for me.

  10. I don’t know what type of weed y’all smoke to get this high 😂but I’m just gonna stick to the weed I smoke now not getting that super strong shit

  11. i was a stoney baloney but then i had an edible for the first time and i was throwing up for 6 hours 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  12. aye its me again, ill drop you a hint on thc, it brings out the chemistry of schitzophrenia ya droopy donkey.. ya want it legalized.. ohh yeah.. then youll need a straight jacket and a rubber room to bounce off of when the voices in your head tell you to eat sheep droppings.. just remember lass being a droopy donkey is on thing but a high droopy donkey is pure comedy gold… signed, your moste hatred driven fan…….. fat bastard….

  13. Super cool videopoooooooooooo

  14. Sounds like a green out… glad that something good came out of it at least! Do yo thang girl

  15. i had the same experience when i use to smoke weed

  16. Special k lol trippy

  17. This was the longest 20 mins of my life Hahahaha!!! 💀😂🤣😂💀

  18. i robbd a nigga for a zip of purp when i had the money cuhz i wanted to smoke for free then i rolled up a big backwood and rolled around my hood blowin that loud pack. the after effects were I kinda felt bad that i jackd that pussy nigga when the zip was gone… idk where df i was goin w this i dont wanna quit im only watchen this sht cuz this bitch is fine asf.

  19. Same thing happened to me after getting sneak attacked with a moke

  20. I’m a stoner now and I do feel numb and very sad… all and all not motivated, I hope soon that I will do the same thing as you it’s just so hard to quit and I literally have the same family issues to I have been really rude to here recently and went to jail and I just need to get my life together and I’m only 13 and it sucks

  21. This video is so fucking stupid lol XD

  22. This Video is a waste of time…..

  23. U need to smoke it out of u

  24. this has happened to me before to! had a bowl at a friends house and had such a bad panic attack after it felt like my heart was coming out of my chest. On my walk home, I had to stop walking and sit on the side of the curb,, started praying to god n errrthing bc i honestly thought i was about to DIE, i was so freaked out I RELATE. The brain is such a powerful thing.

  25. I have derealization a lot and it’s so depressing I hate it

  26. If you've ever tried psychedelics it is said that it can permanently alter the effects of weed giving it psychedelic properties which sounds like what you experienced

  27. I am 38 years old & I can honestly say that you are so wise beyond your years,sweet girl.
    Always continue to grow 😘

  28. Omg u are acting like u where addicted to herion. 🤣🤣 i went from smoking a quater a day to smoking when im not working witch is once or twic a week never have i felt what u are saying and i still speak to my family and friends and have a small family of my own so maybe u should try smoking on different weed 😂 if ppl use to much fertalizer in the plant it can and will alter the natural stone you should have #voteorganic

  29. I’ve got so many reasons. Number 1 is that I have asthma. It used to fuck me up badly and I was always short of breath. My chest was tight a lot of the time and it’s the worst feeling. My chest just couldn’t handle the smoke to be honest. I knew I just couldn’t carry on blazing itbjustbwasntbdoing me any good. was also always getting like infections and shit and was always on antibiotics. It just wasn’t a good time in my life. I was using it as an escape from my everyday problems. I was just like fuck it let’s just get high and forget about the world and everything else. It made me so slow. I had no energy at all. I was so fuckin numb. I’d get home and just lie down on the bed and feel soooo mellow! I literally had no energy at the end of a day of blazing. Rolling joints actually gave me such anxiety it was insane. I wasn’t the best roller so rolling a joint on my own could sometimes take quite a while for me to do and I remover just having such crazy anxiety it was mad. Always being scared about getting caught by my family while rolling a joint in my room was a nightmare and nearly got caught a few times. It was just becoming a daily repetitive thing in my life like I would wake up and be like oh cool I’m gonna get high today sweet as. What a joke. I wasn’t doing anything productive with my life. I was just high and eating shit all the time. The fuckin munchies was crazy! I’d eat way too much.
    Going out in public was awful. Seeing people that you knew high was terrible. I felt like scared to talk to people besides for the people that I was chilling with who were also high. It’s hard to really explain. I was like nervous for some weird reason.
    Driving my car was also quite fucked being high. I hated it. I would always drive like really slow. When I first started blazing and driving around it felt like life was going in slow motion I’m not gonna lie. Everything was so fuckin slow. I’d often fuck up and get lost and shit. I’d get home after a late night of blazing and be like thank god I’m home ok and safe. Damn
    Getting home high as fuck and seeing your parents was just horrible. I always had a guilty feeling like it just wasn’t right and I didn’t like seeing my parents in that kind of state high as a kite and I felt it was just disrespectful. It just wasn’t right looking back on it now.
    Whenever I was feeling a bit like under the weather I’d always be like don’t worry you’ll just get high and all your problems and feelings would just disappear. I’d just get on with it. That was weird. Like weed was always an escape like don’t worry just smoke a joint and you’ll be alright dude. What the fuck. Fuckin weird
    Another HUGE factor was having to fuckin call and message fuckin asshole dealers all the time for fuckin bud and the mission it was to go pick it up etc. fuckin missions although I enjoyed the rush of picking up from a dealer but it was just a mission. Not having weed when you really needed to have it and dealers letting u down. Missioning to get hold of other dealers. Meeting dodgy dealers and late hours of the night in fuckin bad areas was a nightmare. And obviously fuckin finding the money all the time to buy weed was also a nightmare. Using all your fu kin money to buy weed was a fuckup. And the shot got so fuckin expensive as well. I was spending all my money on the fuckin stuff it was actually fuckin sad. Thinking about it now, I’m like what’s the point? U wake up the next day sobor! Then u do it all over again. It’s like a never ending fuckin cycle doing the same shit every fuckin day.
    I’ve realized I don’t need it to live and I don’t have to depend on it. Ye it had some benefits obviously like good for pain and sleep and to chill and relax of course. I really enjoyed listening to music high. That was quite dope tbh. Food tasted great too.
    But I just couldn’t live my life being high all the fuckin time anymore. I felt like I wasted all those years of my life just fuckin blazing and not doing anything else with my life. I look back on those years and I’m like wtf where did all those years go? Time has proper just flown by! I’ve realized and learnt how to live life without it. I don’t need it to live my everyday life anymore and I don’t depend on it anymore. My whole life revolved around it. The beginning was pretty cool. It was all new and a new experience. Getting high and just laughing your ass off with your buddies was great. But soon after like a couple months or a year the novelty soon wore off. I got used to being high. It was Mtn the same anymore. It was just like a standard high u knew what to expect. It got a bit boring. I just basically got over it and I knew I had to quit. I knew it. Life’s to precious to just go through life being high all the time. Uve got to be present in this world. U have to be sharp. U have to be active. I couldn’t be active high. Excercjse was impossible. Life’s hard and U have to be able to deal with emotions clearly. I couldn’t process emotions. It fucked my brain. I was hardly ever sad. I hardly ever cried. I lost interest in a lot of things in life. I became lazy as fuck. I wasn’t motivated. All those years are like 1 big huge blur. It’s crazy.
    Yeah weed definitely has it’s positives and I’m not saying this is how it is for everyone. This is just me. Others can live their life and blaze and do just fine in life. But for me it was holding me back and it just had a far more negative impact on me and my life. I have huge respect for cannabis and am still fascinated by the plant and will always be. But I just had to give it up

  30. This can’t be the only reason and the reasons I mentioned earlier that u stopped weed.

  31. Had a full on panic disorder for months. Got put on some bullshit medicine for 6 months that didn’t work. 6 of the worst months of my life. Was proper scared of leaving the house. Just seeing people frightened me. I’d freak out. I was so fucked up. I was scared all the time. Frightened about every little thing. Saw another doctor and tried mew medicine and helped a lot and slowly got a bit better. It took time. Hardest times of my life. Life’s hectic fuckin hell.

  32. Been there girl. Fuckin scariest moments of my life. Had a good couple about 5 months after my dad died. Was the worst time of my life. Was a fuckin battle to beat it and the anxiety and the chest burning and pains and it took time. I think I got anxiety disorder from weed to be honest. It fucked me up not gonna lie. Haven’t blazed in 2 years. Don’t need it. Saw the light

  33. Amen the only drug you need in this world is love for your family & fellow human Beings

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