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Weed Snobs

Weed Snobs follows Richard and Sebastian, two pompous yuppies and old Yale buddies, as they enjoy the finer things in a world where weed has replaced the role of legal alcohol.

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23 thoughts on “Weed Snobs

  1. What kind of connisseur doesn't vape for the full taste experience? LOL

  2. I will open such a place as soon as it is legal 😀

  3. It's all fun and games, until the wineos show up. (Take$ some of that 98 to go).

  4. "ooh, that's that loud."

    Game over, man. Game over.

  5. I want this to be a real restaurant👏👏👏

  6. And this video is really well made👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. There is only a few type of people that can make me puke inside and snobs is in the top 3

  8. all joking aside, this restaurant concept is excellent

  9. ummm… combustion is for cavemen and peasants; I'll take a good vaporizer like the analog volcano, fitted with concentrate pad and some good black cherry cola live resin. But that's just me.

  10. "That's that loud" lol. If I were a billionaire, this is how I'd live. Only the stickiest of the icky, served to me with class.

  11. bring the hamburger and hash restaurant to life

  12. But for real tho fuck alcohol. It is actually poison.

  13. it's on my to do list to make the sequel to this if you guys don't do it.

  14. This is amazing! would love to collaborate on something.

  15. there is nothing like a stoned waiter licking your joint :))

  16. Holy Shit. Never seen it put so perfectly in perception. xD

  17. hahahaha super sour deez

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