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Weed Crunchwrap Feat. Tabasko Sweet | Edibles

Special guest Tabasko Sweet joins Will and his alter egos as they make weed-infused crunchwraps.



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47 thoughts on “Weed Crunchwrap Feat. Tabasko Sweet | Edibles

  1. 0:03 will is like a small child he so adorable and cute

  2. “You say tomado I say tomato”
    “I don’t really care”

  3. "Im capable of amything my guy"

  4. Does anybody else get uncomfortable watching will or is it just me?

  5. Does will have lock jaw?

  6. Will went from cute lil smol bean to white boi that pops zans when you put him in a white shirt and give him a couple of chains😂

  7. Tabasko da goat 😂💯

  8. Those are fucking chives

  9. I wish there was a more serious channel like this one

  10. woah it feels like my ears gonna bleed this shit loud

  11. "oof am I gonna get high off this??"

  12. Why does will kinda look like Fred figglehorn

  13. Tabasko sweet can't end a sentence without 'my guy' or 'my dude'

  14. Will is the least funny/entertaining cunt ever. Tabasko so good I had to check it out though.

  15. Does he really talk like that

  16. hi welcome to chillies

  17. They are the best 😩

  18. He needs to sharpen his fukin knives.

  19. 18 1/2 minutes of fuego🔥! Gang gang! 🤘🤘

  20. will is the reason why I subscribed. I like the food and it's funny as fuck

  21. what black mirror episode is this?

  22. Will kinda looks like Kurt cobain

  23. I feel a fucking idiot,i just realized why he is called sativa will

  24. That will freaks me out I feel like he's going to kill someone

  25. Who the fuck are these dudes?

  26. I actually like will. Idk if the awkwardness is part of the bit or not but I fux wit it

  27. Someday Will is gonna chop off his finger and not notice

  28. S W A G G E R B O O S T

  29. Young DIY's body form is as socially awkward as wills voice 😂

  30. He's so awkward, it's so cute 😍

  31. "you are like Ratatouille my dude"
    "except I'm a person"

  32. Both daddies conveniently located in one saucy ass video. Very clean

  33. That other nigga gay

  34. Why is it that a blindfolded Tobasko is totally hot? I have conflicted emotions….also Will is awesome!

  35. I would destroy that taco rn

  36. This is one of my favorite things I've ever watched on YouTube swear to God lol

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