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Weed Basics for Beginner!

The first video I made about it-

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45 thoughts on “Weed Basics for Beginner!

  1. How you have good teeth, but still do drug??

  2. Subscribed 😫👌🏼

  3. yo i'd smoke weed but i dont smoke cigarettes or anything else so whenever i do smoke it fucks up my throat so bad and i dont wanna smoke it again

  4. I got an itchy nose when you said it and had a hair on there ha ha

  5. Do you find that smoking a big bowl enhances you sexual experience? You really seem to be a very hot chick., My girl always likes to smoke and then have sex I wondered if other girls feel like that too.

  6. hey youre hot lets mingle

  7. Pax got amazing vaporizers 😉

  8. Purple haze strain be gettin me fucked up🔥🔥🔥#EXOTIC

  9. im confused how do you know what weed to get how do you know what to ask your dealer and how to approach them and the differences in the type of weed

  10. All the gear no idea….

  11. Positive smash thank you for the tips on different water pipes. Seems better for the lungs.

  12. If weed goes legal in NC, ama be soooo happy

  13. wait a minute its a girl
    where are the dudes
    what is she doing ………

  14. holy shit, you remind me so much of Nancy from weeds 😀

  15. None of this makes sense to me. I just got my medical marijuana card and JUST got into. So…. I'm a super beginner

  16. I started out potent and didn't really get the guide to being a beginner but my favorite strain would be silver pearl and I've greened out on white widow so strong lol but great video

  17. Crazy!!! Be right with God lady!

  18. Btw, and I promise I've never commented calling a girl cute over YT cos it's creepy to me, like some weird stalker is watching all your vids and shit lol , but your cute af fr.

  19. Should I get some cbd edibles and eat before? Shit I got now I can't focus on anything fun, immediately switches my thoughts towards shit I fucked up and basically guilt trips me. It's great for learning but it's not that geekin out happy silly high anymore

  20. Love your vids, but the 3 different genus types are sativa, indica, and ruderalis. I'm learning alt tho. I feel like back when Reggie was around I had better highs than with all the dank. I just get anxiety. But your CBD vid got me thinkin. What if we fucked up weed forever. Making strains, selective genetics…I feel like landrace is most likely the Reggie, which I never had any anxiety from, more of the couchl

  21. Can anyone please tell me the music OMG. Please

  22. I'd love to smoke with you if you do a productive stoner episode! wa509productivestoner!

  23. this chick is cool as hell

  24. Should I start smoking ? I am looking for something that will chill me out and relax me , and I dont want to get a prescription from my doctor so I'm considering starting to smoke .

  25. uuuummmm. cbd is part of all weed. i think you are thinking hybrid.

  26. @2:40 ive smoke alot of pre91 ☺🌲💚🌲💚🔥👍👌

  27. First thing I noticed in this video was the 1/2 inch long nose hair hanging out of her left nostril. I was mesmerized by it's presence as it swung to and fro with every movement of her head. The spell was broken when she apparently became aware of the hair, and tried to swipe it away. I feared for the future of the nose hair, but was pleased when her feeble swipes failed to fully detect the nostril hair, or do anything to remove it. Thanks to the weed, she promptly forgot about it, and I was able to enjoy the rhythmic swaying of the nose hair for the rest of the video.

  28. I got me some orange kush the other day and holy mother fucking shit that got me good,the only problem is is that it doesn't last long…

  29. I love when people who don't look like they'd smoke weed smoke. Breaking the stereotypes that stoners are gross bums

  30. I love the feel of the slight paranoia unlike some I feed off it. However some prefer to relax "in da couch"

  31. I'm not sure if you aware aware of this but in the subtitles around 8:20 there is an interesting mistake 😂

  32. i think the reason people say it was so much stronger back then is because it was most likely mixed with other ingredients. That's at least what i've gathered from my father, haha.

  33. I've never smoked a sativa that could make me sleepy. I'm sad that more variety isn't available to me, because it's not available to me legally.
    I refuse to move solely for the legal aspects of marijuana but the legal ability does seem appealing.

  34. Ok Sarah Silverman

  35. your wrinkles is a sign

  36. I can tell that she can die

  37. Thank you,I like Mexican grass with seed and brown color.If I was to grow,Id do several plants and keep 1 male,But How did the Mexicans get there grass to turn brown but still have potency?TY73s

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