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Using Weed to Save Football: Chasing Strains (Part 1)

In this 3-part series, Kyle Turley takes us on his journey to to deal with the damaging effects of football through the use of marijuana. After an NFL career that saw him take home NFL All-Pro honors, Kyle was diagnosed with pre-CTE. After taking a laundry list of pharmaceutical drugs in order to deal with the associated issues, Kyle found marijuana to be the best available treatment for the problems that he was facing. In this episode, we meet Kyle and see the beginning of his journey.​

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40 thoughts on “Using Weed to Save Football: Chasing Strains (Part 1)

  1. Weed can turn a gladiator into a peaceful guitar playing person lmao

  2. Wow!
    I can relate 💯!

    Great doc Vice!


  4. There are other ways to learn to control your anger than smoking dope. Regardless of the big lie that pot is not that harmful, the reality is that it can be very harmful and extremely addictive.

  5. I agree totally. It helps dealing with pain and it brings the life back into you and helps live through the everyday struggles and without it you feel like a helpless depressed sore mess.

  6. amazing story and NO Doubt a plant is – if it is helping – better then taking those chemical "drugs". But to make it legal so everyone smokes it, especially then more young kiddos, is no good thing.

  7. When is the NFL going to let players toke up so they don't have to deal with ex players shooting themselves in the chest/lawsuits and eventually extinct the sport?

  8. Bruh, when I searched footballplayers who smoke weed I meant REAL football… Don't steal sports names ya fat cunts!

  9. I'm oy 24 and smoked weed like 8 years non stop,in moderation its a good thing,but obvs as we all know affects different people in different ways,it does fuck with your head abit,but it's great in other ways,shit smoking blunts in my opinion doesn't burn properly

  10. Blue dream is the best fucking strain ever I swear

  11. seems legit- how about a larger trial

  12. he said with this strain "jack herrer" he can stop vicodin and and antidepressant ?

  13. Weed could very well help and is already being used by some athletes in legal states. Here is a video of UFC fighter Nate Diaz talking about it

  14. My man if you wsnt to get ya injuries together smoke with real niggas from jamaica i'll jsed to do it and them dudes are just the coolest ppl ever

  15. Which strain/type is the most suitable for anxiety and depression?  Anyone?  Is it called Jack O'rara?

  16. Only a sunken place troll would thumbs dwn this clip on Kyle's testimony on how we all should avoid any pharmaceuticals (sorcery) and use the herbs (any kind) as it is for the service of mankind 👌..#yo "vice" keep up the good work on shining the light# ✊👍💪🙏. G-d speed!!!

  17. People use weed for everything

  18. wow, there are white people in Cali?

  19. Weed is harmful fpr you.

  20. Solid testimony.

    But anything coming out of HBO or any Zionist sponsored programming should be suspect.

    Please don't let the greedy business people and corporations find a way to monopolize the emerging Hemp and Cannabis Industry.

    LEGALIZE, LEGITIMIZE, and grow your own, next to your non-GMO tomatoes and okra.

    Every part of the plant is useful and not just as medicine. The seeds are particularly valuable for their nutritional content and natural oils.

    I personally like getting stoned.

  21. This dude has no neck. It's just beard.

  22. His wife loves him, you can tell.

  23. Kyle gets it…..All Mother Mary Jane wants to do is share Her love, insight, and healing power with humanity. Yet she gets shunned , ridiculed, abused, misused, outlawed, and banned by so many. If only more people would give Her a chance, learn about her chemistry, and use her with respect….She is one the greatest friends, teacher, doctor, and ally a person could have.

  24. San Fernando is crazy amazing I hear. it should be a god given right and legal right to use medical marijuana. the hospital overdosed me and messed up my ankle. Cannabis helped me cope through minor brain damage. I'd just cry often when stressed and be mad so often

  25. Thank god for Cannabis. it could help me so much. I haven't had it legally. And yet they want me on antidepressants and Pain pills. weed can do it all and actually is a way to cope not numb. I've shattered my ankle I understand this I'm almost disabled at 20

  26. I had been using pot recreationally for decades. When I stopped smoking it a few months ago I realized that it had two medicinal benefits. Number one it helped me get to sleep as I have awful insomnia. Number two it, I didn't dream when I used it as I often have horrible, vivid nightmares. Pot kept those vicious nightmares from happening.

  27. It was great getting to meet Kyle at The 420 Games this year! We're very excited for the cannabis athletic movement and applaud those like Kyle who go out of their way to prove cannabis can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle!

  28. Jack whon my faverate two bro.

  29. Love weed advocates. The NFL players literally make the best argument for it too.

    Smoke that herb people!!!!

  30. Those joints are hopeless..

  31. Rolling machine? MWAH!!!!!!!! FILTERS??? Full on homo.

  32. I bet he beat his wife.

  33. Gov make billion of dollars off of pharmaceutical medicine and the Court make billions of dollars off of the fines and locking people up for cannibis it ridiculous. And they brain wash people of thinking cannabis smoker are evil, dangerous, and criminal. Cannabis smoker just want to eat and sleep.

  34. @5:12 That's all you need but doctor don't want you to know that because they make money off the meds you taking. They constantly calling cannibis the gateway drug but prescription drugs is more of a gateway drug and way more addictive than any strain of marijuana you can find.

  35. Glad ganja solved your problem…it is the solution to all our worldly problems mon

  36. Wow! That's amazing!!

  37. This man clearly has CTE. The NFL needs to change!

  38. Good piece. Kyle is a good guy. Wish him the best.

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