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Top 10 Weed Dab Fails 1 Gram Dab Challenge

Top 10 Weed Dab Fail 1 Gram Dab Challenge Compilation

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40 thoughts on “Top 10 Weed Dab Fails 1 Gram Dab Challenge

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  3. That was Mattias710Wrx on hoverboard.

  4. Yo Ill tell you though the big dude at the end, Ive taken one of those before. If your a daily smoker then of course you've been where he is and those of you that smoke a lot like I do, know what the fuck i'm talking about. Always finish the bowl though.

  5. Whack ass losers

  6. This is my favorite video to watch while I take a shit

  7. Why do they put themselves through it. Get a vapourizer instead.

  8. 0:48 that nervous laugh tho

  9. At the end the Mexican guy said "drive by" as there were gunshots in the background lmao when he took a sip of water

  10. Last one was a classic

  11. big Mexican didn't take an L,he dabbed the way he suppose to

  12. these guys prob hittin it when the nail is super hot = harsh hits

  13. That is funny a fuck
    Lol lamo

  14. Why tf this dumbass got a pillow taped to his head

  15. big boi at the end looked like he ran out of the house behind all that smoke ran a mile and then came back

  16. Go to the end for the home chucho

  17. Is it just me or did I count more than 10

  18. You do not make a proud stoner. Dude you are killing your lungs.

  19. In 0:38 the guy was like hell no

  20. I love that guy at the end

  21. when you derb so hard you cry

  22. ayy shoutout my mexican homie at the end, dude didn't throw up or fall on the floor or anything, he was a straight beast.

  23. These fools giving dab a bad name.

  24. Vous avez trop de chance les Américains , y'en a pas un qui veut m'envoyer 😉

  25. Wissen diese Idioten eigentlisch was sie damit ihrer Lunge antuhen??????Lungenkollaps oder Lungenkrebs danken es euch….

  26. I've never done this dab thing…

  27. long time smoker here and damn, some of that didn't even look fun. I like to enjoy my high not feel as if I vaped wasabi.

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