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Top 10 Homemade Weed Bongs

This is a compilation video of the Top 10 Homemade Weed Bongs. Water Bottle Bongs, tic Tac bong.

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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Homemade Weed Bongs

  1. I made my first bong today and i truly feel great anybody else?

  2. Totino's pizza and Top Ramen anyone??

  3. What is the torch thing he is holding at 1:21

  4. Plastic pieces make me cringe. So many headaches. So many gnarly, stale rips.

  5. lmao one time i wasted $100 buying hot glue guns and shit cuz i didnt have a head shop close by

  6. The last one was shit

  7. The stronger the better😎👌

  8. this is so cringy…. why was this reccomended to me

  9. i love the automatic bong

  10. Someone made a bong from Thor's hammer which is in the link below:

  11. I get addixted to bong when i played weed firm 2 haha

  12. You could never go too far when making a bong

  13. I made a bong out of a windex bottle

  14. Can i use tobacco instead of weed?

  15. Tic-tac bong is the best!!

  16. Large mcdonalds cup and water bottle pisser tokes are still GOAT

  17. Hardcore stoners are fucking cringy

  18. That tictac bong though.
    Or you can just buy a bowl piece for 2$ and use a water bottle

  19. If only they used glass/wood/vegetables. Smoking thru plastic is so unhealthy…

  20. That dudes air mattress pump is high af

  21. that first one is so dumb XD

  22. Every fifth like on this comment loses one gram

  23. 3:33 why he waste it all tho??☹️

  24. at 6:13. that's a waste of weed

  25. why some of them gotta be so extra lmao

  26. The guys at 6 minutes with the smoking machine proves that not all stoners are stupid

  27. I know the kid at the end is going to be light headed

  28. The laugh from the guy with the hotbox thing

  29. The tic tac one tho! Godamn!

  30. It will be cool is someone made a bong out of wanna those big ass plastic jars

  31. Me and my friends use a tin can first we Bend it the poke holes in it the we put a bug on it the hit it

  32. Looks good but people nigger lip too much

  33. FREE GIVEAWAY on @glass_kid on instagram!! 🙂 Your Welcome

  34. 1:17 he stuffed towels in it like he is scared of rez, yet he holds it in like a old stoner?

  35. That just comes right off.. Whup shit

  36. The nigga said to jot smoke when he is tf

  37. Crazy how we all become engineers when it's time to toke😂

  38. apple pipe its the best !

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