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Stop asking. I, buzzfeed, will now tell you about the price of weed in England while I smoke on some stardawg. 🔴SUBSCRIBE🔴
Please buzzfeed get me views like the $1 weed vs $100 weed.


SPECIAL THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON PATREON : Alex Wall, Bryce Brown, Riley Bitchcakes (what a name), Monika Bronebakk, Marryan Mcnaughton, Hayden Raider, Stella Does, Martha Campanini, Tyler McCarthy

Hi, I’m Drew (DrewIsSharing). I’m 19 and I make vlog videos. I try to upload weekly. LOVE YOU!


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  1. being a Uk stoner dealing with these prices everyday, wouldn’t expect a youtube video, even from over a year ago to be so
    accurate and informative, so many idiots from the UK still don’t know the prices, mad respect bro, hampshire stoners big up!🔥🍁🐶⭐️

  2. Hello Drew. You got some mad videos man! We strictly advise people on our GrowRoom420 forum to grow their own instead of filling up someone else's pockets.

  3. Why's he saying dollars and then Britain, this is a video for stoners… sort it out

  4. I get wax for 20 a g for fire indoor wax

  5. For a quarter I could of get some like that or more fire for 35 or 40 bro tf come on now

  6. Tell them haters lol 😂 cool video Drew 💜

  7. Anyone who wants to know for me in Hertfordshire, £10 a Gram unless I get 3.5 for £30 and a Q which is 7Gs for £60 if I buy flavas (imports) it’s £50 for a 3.5g but my guy will do me a half for £100 and will do me a Oz for £190

    Usual draws in Hertfordshire are ami, haze, lem, you never really get cheese these days unless there’s a drought.

    Standard weed I get is strawberry haze and super silva but occasional star dawg lemon diesel white rhino the list goes on…

  8. £40 to £60!!!!! For 3.5g!!!! Fuuuuuuck me your paying for a plastic pot more than the weed is worth!!!

    😂😂😂😂 man I'm glad I stopped smoking weed!!! Everyone everywhere is getting ripped off!!

    Even the prices to the weights is unmatched 😂😂

  9. I remember it use to be 3.5g for £25…but that was for high grade.

    Normal home grown was 3.5g for £20

  10. Even though it's imported that's still a lot.

  11. 20 bucks for a gram is alot lol. I live in england and i get a gram for £10 like 8 bucks and its usually like super silver or girlscout cookies

  12. I can get Cali shit top self (import) for £200 an oz, sort your shit out

  13. Stay off the crystal meth🤮🤮

  14. You sending me that pillow, you can find my adress in Doncaster mate, and thanks a lot, the dog's have stole all my pillows, 3 fuckin dogs now 😥

  15. I just got purple stardawg, cost me a 10,looking at it I'd say there was 5 single skins worth, I make it with amber leaf tobacco. The kid gives me good deal's. It's damp, strong sit, lasts me a day.I miss days because I'm old, believe me if you make it to 50 this gets hot on the throat. 😊

  16. Doncaster woz ere, send me the pillow man

  17. 10 or 20 is all I pay 😄

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  19. I'd love to punch you!

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