$1 WEED Vs. $100 WEED

In this video, I, Buzzfeed, will be reviewing the difference between $1 weed and $100 weed. Yes, you can get $1 weed. == SUBSCRIBE == ——— SOCIAL MEDIA Snapchat : drewissharing Instagram: http://instagram.com/drewissharing Facebook: http://fb.com/drewissharing Twitter: http://twitter.com/drewissharing SPECIAL THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON PATREON : Alex Wall, Bryce Brown, Riley Bitchcakes (what a name), Monika Bronebakk, Marryan Mcnaughton, Hayden Raider,…

This Law Could Make California The Largest Legal Weed Marketplace (HBO)

Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News On Election Day, voters in 4 states legalized marijuana for recreational use. California was one of those states. Medical marijuana was already legal in The Golden State, but the passage of Proposition 64 means the state is now poised to become the world’s largest legal weed marketplace. Read: “The high stakes for legal weed…

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