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Canna 5 L Cannazym Enzymatic Additive-for Grow & Bloom-0-2-1 NPK Ratio-CANNA 9332005

Price: $111.51 - $92.00

Contains more than 12 different enzymes to break down dead plant remains in growing media — keeps the substrate free from unwanted…Brand: CANNA
Part No.: 9332005
N-P-K Ratio: 0-2-1
Volume: 5 L

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Canna 1 L PK 13/14 Bud Phase Additive-0-10-11 NPK Ratio

Price: $22.25 - $18.95

Provides extra phosphorus and potassium to the plant’s cells when it’s needed most — produces large, dense fruits when finished!Brand: CANNA
Part No.: 9311001
N-P-K Ratio: 0-10-11
Volume: 1 L

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