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This Law Could Make California The Largest Legal Weed Marketplace (HBO)

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On Election Day, voters in 4 states legalized marijuana for recreational use. California was one of those states.

Medical marijuana was already legal in The Golden State, but the passage of Proposition 64 means the state is now poised to become the world’s largest legal weed marketplace.

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Buying weed is LEGAL for adults in California as of 2018!!
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Live Legal Recreational Pot, Colorado’s Marijuana Tourism Rush – Colorado’s Green Rush, Rocky Mountain High Pot Retailers, Licensed Retail Pot Shops, … Green Rush Shop, Colorado Pot Tours)


“Live Legal Recreational Pot, Colorado’s Marijuana Tourism Rush…” is a Colorado and Washington ‘Green Rush’ ebook. It is made possible with the amendment 64 that legalizes recreational weed. As of January 1, 2014, Colorado residents and tourists can purchase their pot from licensed pot shops.

This ebook tells you about the various weed shops that will be open to give you the products you want. This ‘Green Rush’ ebook will provide you with the info you need about pot tours, growing operations, facilities and how to obey the laws and regulations of the State. Marijuana tourism rush will pump a lot of money in the state’s coffer.

Marijuana tours have become part of the pot agribusiness. Visitors will now go to Colorado not only for the famous ski resorts but also for the marijuana tour.

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