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XINPAI Height 15” Water Hand Made Recycler Joint 14.4mm

Price: $65.00 - $20.00

Amazing price,$20.00+$9.9 for each ,special design ,fast shipping ,finest quality,so do not hesitate to place your order here!!!Handmade products, glass materials, packaging for foam packaging to prevent damage
Beautiful design

Top rated customer care-fast shipping-low low prices-A to Z protection-fast friendly reaponse
Products are all shipped from Suzhou ,Jiangsu Province ,China ,Where our factory is located in,it usually takes about 8-20days , However, in case of bad weather or holidays ,the delivery time will be delayed
Product size:15” high 14.4mm joint size

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How to roll a regular kingsize dutch classic weed joint

This video tutorial we will show you how to roll the perfect regular kingsize weed joint the classic Dutch way. For a beginner this is the best way to start with your weed rolling adventures.

But with your support we can make more video also in a better quality, and i hope to do one every other day at some point

Let’s make it the biggest weed channel on youtube from the smokers for the smokers

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Celebrating 4/20 with London’s Weed Fanatics

Watch the first episode of SMOKEABLES: How to Make a Gravity Bong –

All across the world, governments are rethinking their attitudes towards the criminalisation of weed. Yet in Britain, fusty politicians terrified by that video of Jon Snow losing his mind on super-skunk are refusing to free the weed, uncurb the herb or liberate the oregano dream pipe.

We went along to Hyde Park to join London’s most ardent weed advocates for the annual 4/20 celebrations, which this year doubled as a protest rally for those who want weed to be legalised.

We caught up with Big Narstie, watched the police make an array of arrests, talked to some of the activist-stoners and found out why you should always smoke through an Eric Cartman bong.

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