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Car Hookah On The Go With Hose Plastic Washable Stretchable Retractable Compressible Shisha Chicha Narghile Ten Flavors to choose from Herbal Hookah On the Go (Pineapple)

Price: $9.99

You are looking at the new vape bowl hookah on the go car hookah,Zebra Smoke Edition: On The Go Vape Bowl With free Magic hose
Vape bowls safe and secure way of smoking on the go!
No coals no messes no foil no sticky tobacco!
Vape bowl Easy to carry around with a plethora of delicious flavors to choose from
Long lasting smoking sessions with out the hassle of preparing traditional hookahs!!

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Mystique Ice Tip 2.0 (Chiller Ice Tip for Hookah Shisha)

Price: $21.99 - $16.99

It’s finally here!!! The makers of the original Mystique Ice Hose Tip have released the 2nd generation ice tip, The NEW Mystique Ice Hose 2.0!! What makes these ice tips different than the original? The M2 tips are far superior to what was already the greatest global invention that has ever been made for hookahs (according to many websites)! Our team of designers and engineers have come up with many new improvements that include the following: 1. 25% more cooling power! (our patented gel packs now fill the entire chamber! 2. Shorter and more compact design. 3. 30% thicker material! (virtually unbreakable and won’t come apart.) 4. Accommodates more disposable mouth tips. 5. Chills smoke 30 minutes longer for extended smoking sessions! 6. Rounded mouth edges for a more comfortable experience! 7. More gel packs for the coldest smoke imaginable! 8. Custom Ribbon with our Logo! 9. Security Watermark to guarantee you have an original Mystique Ice hose tip! This will also help in distinguishing the poorer quality counterfeits that have been forged all over the world trying to copy our old design. Still made only in the USA, we know you will enjoy the Mystique Ice Hose Tip 2.0!!25% More Cooling Power!
Lasts 30% Longer!
More Durable!
Rounded edges/More comfortable
Counterfiet proof.. If it dosen’t have our Logo and watermark its a Fake!!

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Hydro Herbal 5 Mix Apple, Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon and Pineapple, Hookah Shisha Tobacco-free Molasses, 250 gram

Price: $12.28 - $11.99

Includes the following flavors: Apple, strawberry, mango, watermelon and pineapple. The best herbal hookah flavors has chosen the best 5 flavors to add to your session experience.No Tobacco, Nicotine and Tar
Herbal molasses shisha
Includes the following flavors: Apple, Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon and Pineapple

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