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The Goldleaf Grow Planner: A weed Grower’s Weekly / Monthly Planner, Marijuana Growing Journal, Guided Entry Pages & Infographics, A5 Size

Price: $19.99

The Goldleaf Grow Planner is a first-of-its-kind weekly/monthly planner style journal designed specifically for home weed cultivation. Ideal for growers who wish to plan out their garden, rotation, feeding schedule in a clear and simple manner and track their progress with an intuitive weekly entry look. This journal can help easily track each phase of the growing cycle and allows you to quickly notate the most important daily & weekly info for your growing space.

Learn from past grows, repeat your successes and avoid your failures. Every space, grower and strain is different. Let the Grow Planner help you document what is unique & important to you. It features templated weekly entry pages for 20+ weeks, monthly and annual calendar pages, a blank feeding schedule for you to enter your own routine, garden planning pages to sketch out new designs, harvest note pages, tasting pages and supply cost sheets.

It also contains quick reference charts and helpful diagrams uniquely designed for weed cultivation. The Grow Planner is printed on acid-free, chlorine-free, responsibly milled, cream-colored paper that is easier on the eyes and more visible under HID light. The cover is a discrete recycled matte finished stock with gold stamped emblem.★ First-of-its-kind planner style journal designed for all types of weed growers (indoor, outdoor, soil, coco, hydroponic).

★ Log your daily, weekly, monthly grow progress to improve your marijuana cultivation skills, increase yields and repeat your successes.
★ Guided entry pages, blank feeding chart, weekly / monthly / annual calendars, helpful cultivation infographics and reference charts.
★ Clean, scientific, modern and clinical aesthetic, discrete cover design
★ A5 Size – 8.3″ x 5.5″, 5 months of pages (one grow cycle), black & Gold Soft Cover

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In this video, Liquid Jade talks about the top tips for growing weed indoors.
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Can Eating Weed RAW (No Decarb) Make You High? + Is pot KOSHER?

Today on Lex’s world, let’s discuss consuming uncooked weed – will it do anything, if you don’t decarboxylate it? As well as tackle the odd question; is weed Kosher? Simply put; ENOUGH weed WILL get you high even if you eat it raw….because while it’s mostly THCA on there until you apply heat, *some* THCA does slowly convert to THC via exposure to room temp over time, so you just gotta eat lots of it. Like 4-5 times the amount. Kind of a waste, and to me the taste ain’t great either.

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