Medical Marijuana Advocate Against Arresting American Citizens

My name is Sam Shakespeare of Boca Raton, Florida. i’m a robust advocate and proponent of medical marijuana. The disparity of laws across the country are causing useless damage to families. What a few American residents can freely participate in, others are going to jail for and households are being damaged apart.

we’re mastering an increasing number of approximately marijuana each day. The invention of the frame’s Endocannabinoid gadget was a first-rate leap forward for the science of scientific marijuana.

The Endocannabinoid device is a chain of cannabinoid receptors positioned for the duration of the mind and relevant nervous device which might be interconnected to the frame’s immune system, and most effective interact with compounds found in marijuana.

We are locating that medical marijuana can be a safe and powerful treatment for the signs of AIDS, most cancers, more than one sclerosis, pain, epilepsy and glaucoma.

New research has been discovered…

A have a look at by using the college of Nottingham shows how positive chemicals found in cannabis might also assist to reduce mind damage following a stroke.

The countrywide cancer Institute’s research has found how hashish can genuinely guard brain cells towards the development of certain forms of mind tumors…

This one is a touch “technology-ey”, however a country wide Institute of fitness look at finds marijuana may provide a way of resuscitation from cardiac arrest…

In reality, marijuana has over thousands of years of medical use in human history and now not even one demise has been attributed to the herb. truely due to the reality that there may be no deadly dose makes marijuana a far extra viable and safer choice for remedy to a ramification of illnesses and illnesses.


We recognise that the usage of scientific marijuana can update the usage of sure felony prescription drugs that have serious side consequences, like unintentional dying from overdose, but these prison prescribed drugs continue to be criminal despite the fact that they’re tons greater harmful to the human frame.

According to the facilities for disease control and Prevention, greater human beings died from drug overdoses in 2014 than any 12 months on file. most of the people of these overdoses contain prescription opioids or ache pills (OxyContin, Percocet,. Hydrocodone, and so forth.) Due to the fact that 1999, prescription opioids offered inside the US has almost quadrupled, and so has the number of opioid overdoses.

Lots of those “ache tablet” deaths could have been prevented with using medical marijuana. In 2014, greater than 14,000 people died from overdoses involving prescribed pain pills.

But the actual tragedy concerning medical marijuana is the us warfare on tablets. It has allowed the federal and diverse country and neighborhood governments throughout the united states of america to take up navy palms against its personal residents. It has justified the militarization of police forces across the usa.

For a country that says to be the Land of the loose, we incarcerate greater of our personal citizens than another usa within the world. The us of america has approximately 2% of the arena’s populace, however it has 25% of the world’s jail population, maximum of them being nonviolent drug offenders.

Over 50% of these being marijuana expenses. it is proper, marijuana arrests now account for over half of of all drug arrests within the united states of america of the 8.2 million marijuana arrests between 2001 in 2010, 80% have been for genuinely possessing marijuana.

And america taxpayer has been footing the invoice. in line with america conflict on drugs price the american taxpayer over $51 billion yearly. As it currently already charges over $30,000 to imprison one person for three hundred and sixty five days.

If the conflict on pills was running, it need to make capsules extra scarce, hence riding charges up. In reality, drug expenses have stayed about the same over the last twenty years, displaying the conflict on pills has had literally no impact on the black marketplace of unlawful drugs.

The handiest issue the war on capsules has been a success at is arresting and imprisoning our citizens at an alarming fee. the only positive way to wipe out an illegal black marketplace is to legalize the very issue that has been made illegal.

On this way certain states are already catching on and including tens of millions and millions to their tax sales each 12 months. while their residents are playing the genuine that means of freedom.

While some of our citizens are playing freedom, others that get arrested for having marijuana may additionally lose a job or lose public benefits or lose their education investment. maybe even worse, they go to prison and are separated from their youngsters and their circle of relatives.

What effect does which have on that own family and those children? Those youngsters have become shortchanged because of an unwell-conceived regulation. Currently over 50% of the yankee population helps complete legalization of marijuana. It’s time to legalize and forestall arresting otherwise law-abiding citizens for deciding on an herb that is less dangerous than all other available alternatives.

We recognize that alcohol kills over 600,000 humans every yr and cigarettes kill over 1 million human beings. As a reminder marijuana has never been attributed to even one demise. yet somehow the government say “we want extra data… ” we have statistics, heaps of years of facts. What is thrilling to me is why had been we not this cautious with alcohol and cigarettes.

For these motives and lots of extra, I, Sam Shakespeare, of Boca Raton, Florida stay a robust advocate for the legalization and use of scientific marijuana for all humanity. non-public freedom is a simple proper.

Here’s a have a look at via the college of Nottingham…

Right here is the country wide most cancers Institute’s internet site explaining how hashish can sincerely protect brain cells towards the improvement of positive varieties of brain tumors… http://www.most

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