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Legalized: A Year In The Life Of Colorado’s Legal Weed Experiment | NBC News

Election night 2016 was a big night for the marijuana legalization movement as multiple states passed measures including recreations initiatives in California and Massachusetts. This piece documented the first year of Colorado’s legal weed experiment.
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Legalized: A Year In The Life Of Colorado’s Legal Weed Experiment | NBC News


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32 thoughts on “Legalized: A Year In The Life Of Colorado’s Legal Weed Experiment | NBC News

  1. Hi, there is a proposal to do more than. Super-light cannabinoids. Indiegogo

  2. The problem is poor people have no chance what so ever at ever getting a licence to sale cannabis legally the licence fee and regulations price them right out of the game from the get go.

  3. how much weight have you all gained, tells us!

  4. ~Smoke weed everyday~

  5. Legalized marijuana= Over Corrupt government.

  6. 'Stigma around marijuana like it's drug dealing'

    Like liquor stores don't exist? That destroys families more in America, I come from one.

  7. One shot of booze doesn't make you drunk but 1 joint will make you stoned.

  8. They're making it seem worse than it is fake news.


  10. Legalized for tax revenue. After legalization the government also changes it's tune on the detriments of smoking the stuff and all of a sudden it becomes beneficial. Lots of health benefit promo going on in Canada right now as the government legalize it. If the government actually CARED about health benefits of anything they would ban alcohol but they do not as it is too profitable to them and their friends.

  11. My wife's Dad had cancer. With cancer, they often get very nauseous and lose their appetite. It gets so bad, it can be life threatening. The single best drug for that situation is weed. We should just let those folks have it. Would end a lot of pain and suffering.

  12. Well… It's 2017 and I feel like that hunger towards legalization is dying down across the US…. Sad to see that. Especially with Jeff Sessions pulling strings.

  13. Monsters, alcohol, and tobacco are all more harmful than smoking a good old joint. Thats why its hilarious when people whine and complain about the availability of marijuana.

  14. Fake News! Shame on you!

  15. This is EASILY explained. This study is bogus and I can tell you how. They are looking for cannabis in blood, which stays around for 30 days. They then use these drug tests to say “this person was intoxicated because we found pot in their blood”. Alcohol is gone in 12 hours, while pot takes up to 30 days. If someone smokes once a week, and they wreck their car, of course they will test positive for THC. This is propaganda and the media is not doing due diligence by doing a full report.

  16. On a serious note, alcohol has killed more people than any marijuana user, yet the drug alcohol has bee legal and taxed like any other commodity. So why did the law discriminate against the use of  marijuana, was it purely on the grounds of, a lack of research?

  17. Colorado is going to be the future sight for movie Idiocracy!!

  18. Legal medicine for all 50 states finally!!Contact me for more details and instructions.

  19. Im tired of stupid people who act like adults don't like candy, cookies, colorful or sweet things.

  20. Always be skeptic about organizations using children as an excuse to block progress or to raise taxes🤔

  21. I don't hear of people overdosing because of it . Honestly my plant manager even says weed isn't nothing

  22. That's stupid marijuana can be legal but not fireworks ?

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  24. they have no right to take it away from us anyway.

  25. Colorado traffic fatalities are UP since the loser Liberal infestation over legal weed came to pass

  26. So I'm still allowed to completely destroy my lungs and breathing with cigarettes huh? But no blunts or joints allowed? Give me a break

  27. I need weed for my depression if weed was legal I keep my jobs cuz I wouldn't be stressed out.

  28. What are some people scared of pot is not harmful

  29. Generation y gets everything they want they completely attacked generation x

  30. If we're worried about kids getting in reach of an edible let's take out moms margaritas out the fridge or dads stash of tequila

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