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How To Get A Weed Card

I wanted to find out exactly how to get a medical marijuana card in California, so I set out to Venice Beach for a little adventure, and a medical exam.

Turns out, it’s really easy to get a weed card.

For what it’s worth, weed is about to be legal anyway.

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32 thoughts on “How To Get A Weed Card

  1. The Doctor was stoned out of his mind

  2. holy shit you're obnoxious

  3. Pink Floyd!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!! Love it!

  4. “You guys take credit card??”

    hands cash

  5. It’s not just 40$ tho. I ended up paying over 200$ when it’s all said and done

  6. Lol this doctor is the same guy who gave me my medical card

  7. Lmao the doctor is my primary doctor since i was a child and to this date IM LIKE SHOOK

  8. It's funny how Barack Obama legalize gay marriage in all of the states but weed is still illegal in most states makes no sense .legalize weed n there will be less drug addicts.

  9. Is this the guy from the old bad ads Chanel?

  10. California is on fir…err….unfortunate choices of words. Sorry.

  11. This dude is fireeeee 1 hunit

  12. The most whitest dude I've ever seen

  13. haha the doctor looks so high

  14. The people at the green doctor were dickweeds

  15. The doctor sounds high himself 😂😂

  16. Too funny dude. Nice to see you making this type of content.

  17. so why should it be difficult? no other medicine has this kind of gate keeping.

    see opioids

  18. So wait you do actually have hemroids?

  19. mf ross fronten like he dont smoke

  20. I got one without even being a U.S. Citizen

  21. this is pointless now in California. try other places would have been better. funny tho!

  22. California legalized recreational marijuana by ballot. In goes into effect in a few months. Is there a point to this video?

  23. I hate pot but it's good to see you again here. Lol that guy that gave you the form was having none of it from you 😂.

  24. The truth behind hemorrhoids!

  25. You made this way harder than you had to. You can just go online and do this over video conference. Don't even have to interact with another human! You can then immediately order delivery from a dispensary who will bring it right to you.

  26. Man…I think that afro guy at the weed doctor could use some weed.

  27. Hahah Pink Floyd. Love it

  28. Ross, I heard your stand up on Pandora. Great stuff man!!

  29. At 5:58 you can see Sublime on the computer screen! How cool is that!

  30. Your like a markiplier Ryan Renalds 50/50 split.

  31. this was great. Please post more, you have a nice face.

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