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Clinton, Stein, and Trump Supporters Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut


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Strangers and old friends alike reach higher consciousness together with the help of the great mediator, pot–with plenty of giggles and coughing fits along the way.

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Clinton, Stein, and Trump Supporters Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut



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39 thoughts on “Clinton, Stein, and Trump Supporters Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut

  1. Damn the black dude cleared that on his first ever bong hit

  2. This is our society today everybody.

  3. What's with all theses bitches and the stupid fucking hair colours.

  4. These were just 3 Bernie supporters

  5. It would be cool to see people if they actually knew anything

  6. That dude with the white tye hot as fuck

  7. Go after the villainous things. Whoboy talk about the elephant in the room!!

  8. That nigga dumb. Voting for Trumps ignant ass.

  9. Who’s the girl in the middle? She’s beautiful. She might be uneducated, but who the hell is she? ❤️


  11. bernie wouldve won god dammit

  12. "We all have different Google returns when we do Google searches"
    This is an A+ analogy that only a stoner would come up with.

  13. The girl with the blue hair that came in the beginning to give them the bong, her hair is fucking cool

  14. Why would a black guy vote for trump

  15. Love love love how three people who disagree with eachother so much have such respect and understanding for opposing opinions

  16. all balck trump supporters are weird af

  17. She's married to a man who is a fan of the Yankees. I'm from boston I don't do that shit. LOL

  18. I had to click off because the girl in the middle was grossing me out so much

  19. do not wanna get high with her

  20. red head instantly seemed annoying

  21. The guy to the left seemed like the most intelligent.

  22. shes a shit teacher omg

  23. Stupidest black guy ever

  24. Unpopular opinion: "poc" are not oppresed

  25. Bernie got screwed by Hillary! No one in their right mind should have voted for Bills wife!

  26. the "trump supporter" was in fact NOT a trump supporter. his own words "a pile of shit or a smaller pile of shit", fucking outs you gives you a clickbait title. ffs i wanted to see some redneck hillbilly not some regretful puppet. disapointed #yeehaw

  27. I need weeeeeeeeeedddddddd

  28. Bernie supporters behind the scenes planning for 2024

  29. Plot twist: Black dude voted for Trump! Who knew? lmao

  30. the black guy was freaking come lmao when he said  "where do you think you're going" to the oreo lmaoooo
    i am literally the same way lmaooo

  31. 2:29 dude on the right is on another planet.

  32. should do one in LA>. do multi videos.. videos that society would not imagine.. such as Asians smoking weed together. Ex. Chinese (me), Korean, Indian, Vietnamese. that would be funny.. can be experienced or non-experienced..

  33. Fake. Black guy voted for Trump

  34. I love how nobody actually liked their parties that they voted for

  35. He’s one of those black dudes lol

  36. They fucked Bernie, man. He would’ve took it. I would’ve voted if it was him against Trump. Our world would be very different. Fuck.

  37. “I’m a full time activist” how well does that pay?

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