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Weed and Game of Thrones | Stand-up Comedy by Karunesh Talwar

These are jokes about weed and Game of Thrones. Thanks for watching!

If you like the intro song, find it here –


Shot by – Omar Iyer, Sumer Mehta, Vivek Kumar, Alex Thaipparambil
Edited by – Omar Iyer
Packaging and Grade – Plexus
Music – The Lightyears Explode
Sound Recording, Mix and Master – Sohaill Gandhi (Tuning Fork Studios)
Location Courtesy – Tuning Fork Studios
Written and performed by – Karunesh Talwar

An OK! Taking… Production


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Can Eating Weed RAW (No Decarb) Make You High? + Is pot KOSHER?

Today on Lex’s world, let’s discuss consuming uncooked weed – will it do anything, if you don’t decarboxylate it? As well as tackle the odd question; is weed Kosher? Simply put; ENOUGH weed WILL get you high even if you eat it raw….because while it’s mostly THCA on there until you apply heat, *some* THCA does slowly convert to THC via exposure to room temp over time, so you just gotta eat lots of it. Like 4-5 times the amount. Kind of a waste, and to me the taste ain’t great either.

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