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Booze Vs. Weed • Debatable

“All my best, most fun memories were when I was drunk.”

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Distorted Reality
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Girl putting joint in ashtray at crazy party
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Man Passing Joint
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Hispanic men drinking shots at bar
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Friends relaxing together
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Group of friends celebrating at party in night club
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32 thoughts on “Booze Vs. Weed • Debatable

  1. 2g smoke you out for 2 weeks😂😂😂 3.5s take about a day for me

  2. Team meth!! Who’s with me!!

  3. 2 grams for $25??? I’m in

  4. 2 grams lasting two weeks for you and your friends? lmaooo naaaa

  5. Kelsy when im 21 im comming to america just to get drunk as hell with you

  6. 2 grams for 2 weeks?😂😂 more like 3 days but im from the netherlands i can have 5 grams in my pocket and that's still legal😂

  7. Both are good but at diffrent times

  8. “You go to in n out?” Lmao 😂

  9. But you can put weed into a lot of things.

  10. Alcohol is dangerous, a depressant, cause problems physically, mentally, emotionally, socially. It has caused so many deaths. While weed on the other hand makes you free, POSITIVE, fun, funny. No death has been cause by marijuana either by smoking it or eating it through edibles(which is a bit healthier) it makes you happy and makes your body happy. 100% pro weed

  11. Alcohol or weed? None, simple.

  12. 0:31 Thinks about the Snoop Dogg meme

  13. how about team crossfaded😂

  14. The amount of times i've seen drunk people start swinging for no reason…

  15. For me, weed is very situational… I have to be either by myself or with the right people at the right time or I will just be anxious… alcohol I feel great and carefree anytime lol I don’t dislike one more than the other but yea that’s just how my mind works when it comes to weed and alcohol.

  16. The drinkers are pissing me off in this

  17. Alcohol equals killing somebody and blackout with innocent people in the car

  18. buddy just said 2 grams will last you for 2 weeks, wtf are u saying lol

  19. 2 grams for 2 weeks HAHA I wish

  20. Two grams for two weeks?????

  21. that dude said you can buy 2gs for $25 and get smoked up and smoke your friends up for 2 no way

  22. it’s weed it’s all weed

  23. 2 grams for 25 dollars could last you two weeks for you and your friends? Where tf do they do that at…when I smoke it’s like atleast a gram between my friend and I

  24. he shouldn't be here if 2 grams last him and his friend 2 weeks 😂

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