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A Stoner Smokes Weed with his Grandma for the First Time | Strange Buds | Cut


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About Strange Buds:
Strangers and old friends alike reach higher consciousness together with the help of the great mediator, pot–with plenty of giggles and coughing fits along the way.

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Music: Busted Up by Alex Vaan

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Small questions have powerful effects when they go viral. Cut spreads stories for fun, for serious, and for real– bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time.

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A Stoner Smokes Weed with his Grandma for the First Time | Strange Buds | Cut



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27 thoughts on “A Stoner Smokes Weed with his Grandma for the First Time | Strange Buds | Cut

  1. Why do potheads love to watch other potheads smoke? Myself included. I've never understood this phenomenon, yet I find myself enjoying these videos. We wouldn't sit at our computers with a drink and watch videos of people drinking and talking. It's just bizarre to me, but I like it. Am a Proud member of 420 club. Order the best Nugs, cbd and concentrates from

  2. Anyone know his IG… Lol he is soo good looking and sweet.. And smokes my kinda man. So handsome period

  3. Start goin to the library. Hahahaha

  4. This same woman was in another video smoking with her daughter and grand daughter! I hope they aren't just actors!

  5. Lmao I am Trippin so bad on these

  6. He looks exactly like his Grandma.

  7. I feel like I’m the only person my age who’s terrified of drugs and would never touch it

  8. I thought he was gay. Thought he was gonna tell her last minute to before it ended

  9. no wingman like grandma

  10. 1:45 that's because they dropped drugs in black communities and shut down businesses. The Reagan era

  11. bruh tthey were both taking weak hits

  12. how many families have this lady as their grandma?! she's in another one with another family!!

  13. Grams let go and got high AF!

  14. This one is my favourite of the Strange Buds so far! 🙂

  15. This is beautiful 🙂

  16. I am so jealous of that dude right now, I wish I had a grandma like that.

  17. Oh my gosh your grandmother is cute. She must be fun.

  18. I like this guy. Lol and his Grams is so cutteee

  19. i wish everyone was my family

  20. So, she's a rent a granny?

  21. Granny got the giggles.

  22. Isn’t this guy a viner? Where do I know him from?

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