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420 Smoking Weed In Public Prank

@BlacktheRipper Celebrates 420 by trolling London westend bunning the dank in public.
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26 thoughts on “420 Smoking Weed In Public Prank

  1. This was made on April 19

  2. Best laugh Iv'e had in ages, cheers mate!

  3. He sounds like big shaq

  4. I'm all for legalizing it and I smoke it, but this type of shit is just obnoxious

  5. His accent makes it even funnier

  6. Of course they had to be in a Beamer

  7. Anyone else realise that the Video was posted on April 19th (4/19 not 4/20)

  8. That's so true!! How weed is a herb when people doing all these crazy hard synthetic shit that messes you up. Fellow stoners please like this!

  9. must be of the age 12 using the word Dank for fucksake

  10. Whats the Name of the first biggie Song?

  11. Jack aint chil enough to be a proper stoner just sayin.

  12. As fumaça falam por mim

  13. Loooooooooooooooooooooool

  14. Wait but it's uploaded on 4-19

  15. Bro if that was real it would of be funny asf

  16. If you didn't shout 420 all the time the reactions would have been much more interesting

  17. Most fun thing to do is smoking weed in the car listening to music

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