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420 Free The Weed Prank

@Ashleyinkzofficial Celebrates 420 with @TrollstationYt by rolling a big Bob Marley in public.
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34 thoughts on “420 Free The Weed Prank

  1. I can understand that the people run off, because they dont wanna get high

  2. This is why some people hate weed. Because of the dumbass people who use it

  3. SICK MAN THIS REALLY HELPS WITH MY SCHIZOPHRENIA. I love troll station it's good for me and you guys

  4. amazing how he just sits in the window casually like hmmmmmm, this is a good puff spot XD

  5. Lol, did you funny motherfuckers get every black fellow in Trollstation to put on a Jamaican accent and smoke weed? xD Fucking hilarious. Do this shit with white people too, I wanna see that shit! Ha-ha.

  6. That zoot lasted a fucking long time

  7. LOL Dis was bare funnies! Why are Jamaican people so cool? Wish there was more diversity round here in Essex but it's proper been CUNTservatives for over 45 years. It's proper lame where people go to the check outs with bottles & bottles of booze, & their idea of a good day is burning frozen birdseye on a new shitty BBQ they buy every year coz they canny be bothered to clean dat shit up afters.
    British people SUCK man. They think they're the shit.

  8. This reminds me Jacob from gta iv

  9. "Cause every little thing, is gonna be alright." From uhhh what's his name again?

  10. 1:19 eh eh eh hofficer nah himpress him like niggers.😂😂😂😂awoh baby boy awoh.

  11. Jajaja que pais es? jamaica?

  12. listen b dont be doing those fucking pranks like bc the way yu were acting in public smoking weed yu just can be doing that shit like that yu educate people on cannabis bc i smoke bud and shit but that not the reaction out of bud like your hella stupid yu dum ass nigga get good information before yu do some dum shit like that again

  13. Lmao the entire time I thought I was hearing Illuminaty from the Mcdonalds clerk. But then I realised it was 11.90$ LMAO

  14. They all got up like zombies…what are the remote controlled robots…like clones walking off the bus.

  15. มาเล่นที่ไทยมั้งดิพี่

  16. this guy makes us look bad

  17. yo whats that ting in de car next level shiaayt hahaha need that in my whip

  18. if i see someone 420 i da bus i ask them if i can hit some

  19. Nice 🙂 In canada we dont run from it , pass that :p

  20. I can not stop laughing myself LMAO

  21. bunch of scrubs runnin away from the ganja

  22. lmao they had 3 dudes in that telephone both 😂😂😂

  23. not much to say but AHAHAHAHAHAHhhhhHAAAA

  24. En babilon no son conprendidos.

  25. i like your other weed vids, but this is just harrasment.

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