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$1 WEED Vs. $100 WEED

In this video, I, Buzzfeed, will be reviewing the difference between $1 weed and $100 weed. Yes, you can get $1 weed.

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SPECIAL THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON PATREON : Alex Wall, Bryce Brown, Riley Bitchcakes (what a name), Monika Bronebakk, Marryan Mcnaughton, Hayden Raider, Stella Does, Martha Campanini, Tyler McCarthy

Hi, I’m Drew (DrewIsSharing). I’m 19 and I make vlog videos. I try to upload weekly. LOVE YOU!


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26 thoughts on “$1 WEED Vs. $100 WEED

  1. Sometimes my nugs are so pretty and frosty that I don't want to smoke them. #stonerstruggles

  2. Loved the traumatic verse

  3. You should of got a 10bag

  4. This guys full of shit man

  5. Question… Are 50 cent blunts OK??? A store near me sells them and I want to know If they taste ok

  6. Every time i hear that laugh i just want to drown a child in the sink

  7. You should have gotten brick weed. A pal of mine got a z for 20quid

  8. So what your telling us is that the £100 weed is well better than the cheap stuff. Cheers I think most people gatherd that.

  9. You paid $100 for a gram or two? Jesus. You got ripped off big time my guy Lol

  10. I like Worth It though. And Try guys. And Buzzfeed Unsolved. And Outsmarted. Most of their stuff is trash.

  11. It’s not $1 weed it’s pretty much how much $1 can buy lol.

  12. Funniest thing is, I'm from the UK and get Cali import's at 20's a gram or 3 4 50! AHHA Damn you just get mugged off, even get Dam import for 10s 15s at most HAAHAH

  13. Every 10 bag (1.7 grams) costs £10… And any strain, at least in my area.

  14. Melina jak u magiciala na chacie 😅😅😅

  15. You gotta have a real good plug that will give you something for $1

  16. Where did u even get 1$ weed

  17. In india we get 50 cents weed better than 100 dollar

  18. He smokes the joint Like Wiz

  19. Amsterdam weed. I recommend it, prob even better quality an only 8 eu per gram

  20. Your laugh is so anoying

  21. buy a draw for £10 on the streets uk

  22. Solid vid. I hope you're having a dope day!

  23. this guy was already fried lmao😂

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